Collaborative Capacity Assessments

Self awareness is key to building your collaborative capacity. Rally Point conducts research-based assessments that provide valuable insights into three key areas related to increasing collaborative capacity:

  • emotional intelligence, as measured by the EQ-i 2.0;
  • conflict management style, as measured by the Thomas Killman Inventory (TKI); and
  • problem-solving/cognitive processing style, as measured by the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI).

Each of these assessments provides individuals with a report highlighting strengths and areas of growth as well as offers teams a framework and context to talk about how individuals communicate and work with one another.

As certified providers of these assessment tools, Rally Point can help you to

  • increase your understanding of interpersonal styles,
  • discover strengths and blind spots,
  • become aware of and appreciate differences in others’ styles,
  • communicate more effectively across difference, and
  • learn how to become “situationally-flexible.”

Each of these assessments can be used as stand-alone tools, or in conjunction with each other; as part of individual or team coaching or incorporated into an organizational retreat or workshop.

To discover which assessment tools are right for your organization, please contact us.