Rally Point partners with you to transform the way you collaborate, helping yield the best possible results from your team and external partnerships. We facilitate opportunities for you to pause, reflect, and get below the “noise” to identify the best strategies for your work.

Our work is highly customized to meet your needs, with a focus on three key areas:

  • Organizational learning
  • Team effectiveness
  • Communication across difference

Benefits & impacts include

  • Articulating a strategic vision and creating action plans to ensure smooth implementation;
  • Capturing and documenting organizational knowledge to support learning, development, and fundraising;
  • Identifying systems and practices that support or inhibit success;
  • Embedding best practices institution-wide;
  • Enhancing team communication and effectiveness;
  • Cultivating strategic partnerships both within the organization and with external partners;
  • Reducing territoriality and enhancing trust among staff, leadership and key stakeholders; and
  • Developing shared knowledge, vocabulary, and skills for engaging with complex issues of diversity.

Our engagement begins with an assessment of your strengths, challenges and needs. This may include an evaluation of your strategy, organizational design, and/or key processes. We conduct interviews, surveys, and focus groups with key stakeholders and analyze the information gathered to create a comprehensive action plan that addresses your individual, team, and organizational needs and puts you on a path to authentic collaboration.

In partnership with you, we create the space for you to learn from your experience and apply it wisely as you move forward.

To tap into our decades of consulting expertise, get in touch today.