Meeting Design & Facilitation

Rally Point brings decades of experience to designing and facilitating participatory group processes that create meaningful dialogue, heighten learning and maximize the benefits of collaboration.

We work with organizations, foundations, and networks to design and facilitate:

  • Staff and team retreats
  • Inter-organizational convenings
  • Grantee and stakeholder gatherings
  • Training and workshops
  • Focus groups to capture stakeholder perspectives

In partnership with you, we define the purpose and desired outcomes for your event, engage with key stakeholders to design the agenda, and apply our years of experience as group facilitators to deliver on your goals.

With our focus on building trust by naming differences, we enable all participants to bring the best of what they have to offer to a collaboration or partnership. Each meeting or retreat is completely customized and includes the creation of all pre-work, resources, handouts, materials and visuals. At the end of each engagement, we help you create a plan to directly apply insights and learnings from the event into your ongoing work.

To discuss your unique meeting and facilitation needs, get in touch.