Workshops & Trainings

Our curricula and workshops greatly enhance participants’ capacity to work collaboratively within and across organizations and create pathways to transformative results.

Each workshop is lead by an experienced, dynamic facilitator and draws on the most current theory and practice in organizational development, conflict management, diversity awareness and cross-cultural communication. We use a mix of teaching techniques to suit a variety of adult learning styles including experiential skill building exercises, assessments, and presentation of frameworks.

Workshop titles include:

  • Keys to Effective Communication Across Difference
  • Integrating Left and Right: The Whole Brain Approach to Organizational Effectiveness
  • Five Core Capacities for Effective Change Leadership
  • Managing Conflict on the Path to Collaboration
  • Building Emotional Intelligence for Enhanced Collaborative Capacity
  • Strategies for Harnessing Organizational Learning
  • Expanding the Table: Communication Skills to Engage Unlikely Bedfellows

Workshops can be fit into existing professional development programs. The length of our workshops can be customized to half-day, full-day or multi-day training programs and can serve as part or all of the content for a retreat.

To learn more about any of our workshops, please contact us.